(Kaftan Nicholas Z.)

Born December 22, 1978 in Ternopil.

From early childhood he loved to draw, and especially with plastylinu.Nayyaskravishi mold childhood memories - a "plasticine war" made his own soldiers.

Since fourth grade attended art school in Ternopil im.brativ Boychuk.

After finishing secondary school he joined the "Ternopil Cooperative Professional" (1995-1998r.r.) At the Faculty of "decoration". It was then and loved the arts, to a large extent thanks to the talented teacher - Anna Tkachyk.Tam met his future wife Irina. In 2000 he married.
After the "Cooperative College" was in "Rivne State University" (2002-2005r.r.) On specialty "Fine and applied arts" .In 2002. first born daughter, Juliana, in 2005. - Son Daniel.

Some time painted the streets of Lviv and Ternopil native graphic portraits and caricatures friendly. This practice was great and very creative school.

From 2007 through 2015. worked in Ternopil 'School of Folk Crafts "teacher of painting, where there was room for creativity - artistic workshop and stable earnings, and eventually new picture.
Began to exhibit his paintings in Ternopil private artgallery Igor Mochuly.

Currently engaged in creative workshops. Nicholas - hudozhnyk- realist.
Works in the technique of oil painting. Favorite genres: animals, portrait, landscape.

He participated in joint exhibitions with a group of artists Ternopil "Dreamers", winner of the nineteenth Lviv Autumn Salon "High Castle 2015". He became a winner of the second stage at the exhibition-contest among fans of fine art Ternopil region 2016.